Egyptian artist and businessman Mohamed Ali renewed his call to the Minister of Defense, General Mohamed Zaki, to stand with the Egyptian people for the right to bloodshed and issue an arrest warrant for President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

Ali, who has become known as the "army contractor" media, thanked the Egyptian people, who descended with large crowds to the squares of Cairo and a number of provinces to demand the departure of Sisi.

He said in a letter to the defense minister that if Sisi is not arrested, he will return to Egypt on Friday, and the Egyptians will protect him.

Thank you people of Egypt
Fadel tikka:) # نازلين_ بعد_المش

Mohamed Ali Secrets (@MohamedSecrets) September 20, 2019

Ali had appeared earlier in the evening, calling on the Egyptians to continue demonstrating until the departure of Sisi.

He added that he wants to return to Egypt and join the ranks of the demonstrators, stressing that no one has to get out of his country just because he is an opponent, but said that he went out for fear of the brutality of the regime.

Ali appeared in the short video affected by the wide response from the Egyptians, which broke the barrier of fear, and called on everyone to continue to take to the streets and streets and demonstrate to demand the departure of Sisi.