Paris (AFP)

"There is no reason for a rise in prices at the pump and the government will be" very attentive, "assured Friday on Europe 1 the Minister of Ecological Transition Elisabeth Borne after a jump in the prices of oil Monday.

"We saw that there was a little hot shot on the price of a barrel earlier this week," said the minister. "There, it has returned to its level of the last weeks, there is no reason for a price increase at the pump, the government will be very careful that this is the case".

"Today, there is no problem of supply, there are stocks.The time is now to build solutions.The message of the French was received five out of five by the President of the Republic and In next year's budget, there is no increase in taxes on fuel, "she added going a little further than the Minister of Economy the day before.

After a meeting with industry professionals, Bruno Le Maire had simply said he would ensure that there is no increase "unjustified" prices of fuels and heating oil.

Oil prices jumped nearly 15 percent Monday as a result of drone attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, before returning Wednesday night near their level last weekend. The US authorities attributed these attacks, which occurred last Saturday, to Iran.

The question of the price of gasoline also helped to trigger a year ago the crisis of "yellow vests", who now rely on the climate protests this weekend to breathe new life into their movement.

"The President of the Republic and the government have had a lot of dialogue with the French people in the context of the big debate, we have heard those who may have felt trapped, and I remind you that the increase in taxation has been frozen. has also taken measures on purchasing power, "she concluded.

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