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In Algeria, the protest continues with, as almost every Friday, a demonstration in the capital. Tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered in the center of Algiers. Despite the announcement of a presidential election in December and despite the warnings of the army. Several leaders of the protest have been arrested in recent days.

Coming from Bab-el-Oued, the Place du Premier-mai, the heights of Algiers, they were very numerous to converge towards the city center. A number that had not been seen for several months, and a crowd who repeated that it refused to go to elections in these conditions, elections announced on Sunday, September 15 .

This Friday afternoon, if the police were very numerous and they stopped in the morning , there were no other problems, while we feared a security hardening .

In the crowd, always a lot of women, children, young people, groups of football fans, the elderly and some personalities like the lawyer Mustapha Bouchachi or the war veteran of independent Louisette Ighilahriz .

The slogans of the protesters this time targeted the Chief of Staff: " The people want the fall of Gaid Salah ", or " Listen Gaid Salah, it was called not-military civil status ."

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