A survivor's group shooting in the United States A video of the supposed case published on the net Criticism September 19 18:03

A group of bereaved families who lost their children due to gun shooting in the United States released a video on the Internet that assumed a shooting case at school. The aim is to sound a warning bell for successive incidents by drawing freshly how the children break through the windows and run away, but criticism has also been raised, saying, "It only scares the children."

This video was released on the 18th, seven years ago, as a group of survivors of a gun shooting incident that killed 26 children and other children in an elementary school in Connecticut started the new semester.

While the school was shot and the gunshot sounded, there were scenes where children tried to stop bleeding with socks or break the window glass with a skateboard to escape and the children tried desperately to protect themselves The state is drawn freshly.

A girl with tears in her eyes hides in the bathroom and sends a message saying “I love you” to her mother using a mobile phone. The footsteps of the criminal approach and the screen goes dark.

In the United States this summer, a series of shootings that killed many in Texas and Ohio, etc., and a group that released videos, `` Children are afraid not when 'fired' but 'when it happens' '' As a warning, we are calling for countermeasures.

This video has been played 8 million times a day since its release, and voices of criticism that it “just scares the child” and “I have to act to change the situation” have been raised and debated. .