Washington (AFP)

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and founder of Facebook, will be in Washington Thursday for discreet discussions with elected officials when the world's first social network is targeted by a series of investigations and threats of regulation.

"Mark will be in Washington to meet with elected officials and talk about the future regulation of + internet.There is no public event planned," said a spokesman for Facebook on Wednesday.

This closed-door visit follows Mr. Zuckerberg's much more public appearance before Congress in the spring, when he had to respond to the rolling questions - not always well informed - from US officials on the many problems of data leakage or privacy that have undermined trust in the social network.

According to The Hill's website, Zuckerberg is meeting Republican Senator Josh Hawley, one of Facebook's most outspoken critics, who had already pursued the network of his wrath when he was Attorney General of Missouri.

Since Zuckerberg's visit in April, several federated states and federal agencies have been investigating whether Facebook has anti-competitive practices. As for the Congress, it is working on legislation that better protects privacy against the behavior of Internet giants, for whom personal data is often the main source of their wealth.

In late July, the US federal authorities had imposed on Facebook, which they accuse of "cheating" its users, an independent control of the way it processes personal data in addition to a record fine of $ 5 billion.

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