FIFA Women's ban on stadium ban Iran requests improvement 20 September 7:14

The FIFA = International Football Federation has issued a statement to Iran, which is banning women from watching sports at the stadium, calling for improvements for next month's international football match, saying "It's time to change." did.

In Iran, a strict Islamic state, it is considered undesirable for men and women to be in the same place in public, and women watching sports in the stadium are prohibited except in some international matches.

Under such circumstances, a woman who was detained by trying to enter the stadium by disguising himself as a man to watch a soccer game in the capital Tehran was killed by suicide after being told that he was imprisoned this month. did.

The FIFA released a statement on the 19th in the name of President Infantino, and called for improvement, “Our attitude is clear and unwavering. Women should be allowed to enter Iranian stadiums”.

He commented, “Now is the time for change. We expect to see a positive change in Iran's next home game next month.”

Iran is scheduled to play in the second round of Asian qualifiers in Cambodia and the World Cup, Qatar, where the former Japan representative, Keisuke Honda, will be the actual manager in Tehran next month.