US Congress Respect for human rights and establishment of democracy in Hong Kong

Over the protests in Hong Kong, members of the ruling and opposition parties of the American Parliament meet with a Hong Kong democratic member in a press conference to promptly pass a bill to help respect human rights and establish democracy in Hong Kong. The idea of ​​aiming for was shown.

Democratic and Republican members, such as the US Parliament President Pelosi, held a press conference with Mr. Huang Yong, an executive of a Hong Kong democratic organization visiting Washington, Washington.

In this, Chairman Pelosi stressed, "I will reaffirm that we will be involved in Hong Kong's democracy and human rights and the rule of law against the repression by the Chinese government." On top of that, the idea of ​​“to unite with Hong Kong people who are fighting for a peaceful and hopeful future” aims to promptly pass a bill that supports the respect of human rights and the establishment of democracy in Hong Kong. Showed.

The bill will verify that Hong Kong's advanced autonomy has not been compromised by the Chinese government and will enable sanctions against Chinese officials involved in oppression against Hong Kong. “I will continue this difficult battle until the day to enjoy freedom and democracy”.