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The heart of the organization conveyed by “Haka” Rugby World's Strongest Corps | NHK News


“Diversity is our strength”.

The heart of the organization conveyed by “Haka” Rugby World's Strongest Corps September 18 18:04

Rugby World Cup starting on September 20th. The world's powerhouses are coming to Japan one after another just before the opening. The New Zealand national team “All Blacks”, who is aiming for the third consecutive championship in the World Cup history, also came to Japan on the 9th. In addition to the strength that combines power, speed, and technique, the powerful “Haka” that the team performs before the game is also the focus of the fans. Looking for the Haka that unites the team and the secret of the strength of the All Blacks, there was a keyword of “diversity” that is indispensable for every aspect of modern business. (Newswatch 9 reporter Junya Kurano)

Meet the longing all blacks!

Last time, winning the World Cup consecutively. All Blacks aiming for the first time in three consecutive wins in this tournament. It is literally the world's strongest corps, with many star players such as Borden Barrett, who was selected as the World Rugby Player of the Year twice, and Captain Kieran Reed.

I am a rugby player from elementary school to university, and I am still pursuing an ellipse with a club team of working adults. I heard that there was a chance to cover the All Blacks and headed for Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, where pre-camps were held.

The players who appeared like that appeared in the practice published for the media. When I saw them moving their bodies to get used to the Japanese climate, I realized again that the World Cup in Japan was imminent.

I heard the story ...

This time, I interviewed TJ Perenara. He is one of the main players who has played in most of the test matches of the past few years, serving as the scrum half, also called the “team's heart”, who receives the ball from Forward and develops the path to Bucks.

If you ask Perenara, the fifth visit to Japan this time, how he was before the tournament.

“Japan is very hot. I am running into practice and trying to get used to the heat.

Speaking of Perenara players, the brilliant passwork and running that utilizes speed are attractive, but the biggest feature is the ability to defend the ball back from the opponent.

It will build your body with courage for the team and change the flow of the game. I asked why he actively played this game, which was risking injury.

“(Perenara) I ’m just having fun. I ’m enjoying the physical part of the game. If the opponent falls in front of them, I ’m going to take the ball back and enjoy it. That ’s it. ”

What is the traditional dance “Haka”?

Perenara plays an important role in another team. That is the “Haka” leader that All Blacks does before the match.

Haka is a traditional dance originally performed by New Zealand's indigenous Maori before the battle. In New Zealand, it has been performed at various occasions, such as ceremonial occasions and school graduations, and the All Blacks have been held as an indispensable ritual before the game for over 100 years.

Among Japanese rugby fans, Haka before the game is famous and many people pay attention. Perenara is the lead vocalist who leads the entire team with the order of the Haka.

“(Perenara) Leading Haka is special. I have dreamed of doing all-Blacks Haka. I inherited from my ancestors and expressed who I am.”

Haka is a traditional Maori dance. There are two types of Haka in All Blacks, and each lyrics is Maori.

Many English translations of Haka's lyrics published by the team are lined with words that inspire yourself and your peers.

"Haka" is a symbol of respect

Perenara himself also has Maori roots. He said he was proud to lead the All Blacks Haka, who has grown close to the culture and spirit of Maori since childhood.

On the other hand, many people think that the main purpose is to intimidate the opponent because Haka makes a loud voice and steps on the ground. Perenara says that is a mistake.

“(Perenara) Many people think Haka is intimidating, and in the past, it was done before the tribal battles, but with respect for the opponent, I think it ’s a symbol. Haka is n’t a threat, it ’s a respect for everyone on the spot. ”

Perenara also says that Haka is also a means of uniting the team before the match. He says that he feels that the feelings of the members will be one.

“(Perenara) Haka unites us. We share our thoughts and unite the team. Before the game, each player who warms up gathers Haka together. Let ’s make it one. With Haka, we can be friends as All Blacks. ”

Diversity of teams

Rugby can represent the national team without having to have nationality in that country. All Blacks is composed of members from various backgrounds and races, including players from Tonga, Samoa and Fiji. Perenara says Haka is indispensable for these diverse teams to fight together.

“Through Haka, we are all connected to the same goal in the field. Maori, Samoa, Tonga, and Fiji are not related. The players who grew up in different environments gathered and the team is diverse. It ’s power. ”
“Rugby has a lot of diversity. Many people play rugby and play in a variety of ways. The more you do it, the better you will understand the other, and it will continue to grow and improve. “With people from different environments and perspectives all over the world heading for one goal, great power is created with synergies.”

“Diversity is our strength”
ー ー ー I was strongly impressed by this word. An organization is more strongly composed of members with different personalities than members of similar attributes.

Recognize, respect and enhance each other without being caught by fixed members or communities. The man in the world's strongest team spoke so much that it was persuasive.

And I thought that this idea was not a special thing, and that it would lead to the workplace and community to which we usually belong, various teams and organizations.

The battle of the world's highest peak will finally begin on the 20th. Keep an eye on the strength of “diversity” that binds together.

News watch 9 reporter Shinya Kurano

In charge of production of news programs after entering Fukuoka and Yokohama stations in 2005

Source: nhk

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