18 September 2019

The House Chamber denied authorization for the application of the precautionary measure of house arrest against Forza Italia deputy Diego Sozzani. The votes in favor were 235, 309 against, one abstention.

At the end of July, the Montecitorio Authorizations Committee had instead expressed its approval for the majority domicile, with the vote in favor of M5S and Pd. The position of the two groups, now allies in the majority, was also confirmed today (contrary to the forces of the center-right). Addressing the House, Sozzani proclaimed himself innocent and did not participate in the vote to "allow voting with maximum autonomy". The Assembly had first rejected the request for the use of wiretaps, still concerning the position of the deputy Fi, supported by the M5S group only. In this case, the relevant opinion of the Executive was accepted.

M5s against and the brawl breaks out
The outcome of the vote was contested by the 5-star Movement. The pentastellati David Zanichelli has in fact expressed "disappointment for this vote, disrespectful to the secret vote". Words that have raised the majority of deputies, with shouts and protests. The president Roberto Fico has called to order, stigmatizing the intervention of the pentastellato: "He cannot comment on the vote". The blue Francesco paolo Sisto intervened: "It is shameful, Parliament has voted, it has expressed itself and it is sovereign".