It is noted that among white wines, Italian is the most popular among consumers.

Roskachestvo recommends giving preference to wines in glass containers.

It is also reported that when choosing Russian-made wines, you should pay attention to the mark “wine of protected geographical indication” on the label.

“According to last year’s research by Roskachestvo“ The Wine Guide of Russia ”, some wines at the cost of about 1 thousand rubles per shelf were inferior to cheaper models in experts' estimates,” Izvestia quoted the organization’s deputy head Ilya Losevsky.

Earlier, the FAS called for an easing of the ban on beer and wine advertising.

On August 9, Vadnev Popov, head of the cardiac surgery department at the Vishnevsky Medical Research Center for Surgery of the Russian Ministry of Health, spoke about the lack of wine for heart health.

In May, a cardiologist Yuri Konev in an interview with NSN commented on a study by scientists from the University of California, according to which two glasses of wine a day reduce the risk of premature death.