Houthis in Yemen renewed their claim of responsibility for the attack on Saudi Aramco facilities in eastern Saudi Arabia, in defiance of the novel announced by Riyadh - Wednesday - asserting that the attack was launched from the north, not the south, and that it was carried out under the auspices of Iran.

The Houthis held a press conference shortly after the Saudi Defense Ministry's press conference ended on Monday, showing the wreckage of missiles and drones it said were used in the attack, as well as photos and data.

Houthi military spokesman Brigadier-General Yahya Sari said the attack was carried out by drones, some of which will be revealed for the first time today. 3 "range up to 1700 km.

Different starting points
He said the drones attacked from three different points, and saw the attack as a perfect example of what the Houthis reached at the level of planning and implementation, and pointed out that the attack was preceded by "accurate intelligence monitoring."

The spokesman said they were keen in the operation to get the planes to reach their targets simultaneously, and stated that they used planes to disguise.

He accused the United States of publishing fake pictures of the destruction of Aramco's facilities and said the destruction at the targeted facilities was far greater than what had been shown.

The Saudi spokesman vowed to bomb more vital facilities and targets, and the UAE vowed that "only one operation will cost you a lot."

"We tell the UAE if you want safety for your glass towers, leave Yemen alone," he said, noting that the Houthis have dozens of targets within a bank in the UAE.