While Nathalie Loiseau spoke in favor of asylum to Edward Snowden, the former director of Ofpra Pascal Brice also said on Europe 1, he wanted France to welcome the computer scientist.


On Monday, MEP La République en marche Nathalie Loiseau spoke in favor of the reception, by France, of the computer scientist Edward Snowden, who had applied for asylum in 2013, after his revelations about the system Internet monitoring and telecommunications, mainly by the US agency NSA.

The Snowden asylum, a "regret" by Pascal Brice

On Wednesday, the former Director of Ofpra Pascal Brice affirms on Europe 1 that he "would like" that France studies the asylum application of Edward Snowden, now a refugee in Russia. "It's my small regret from the period of Ofpra (from 2012 to 2018, Editor's note) .I would like the Ofpra to be in a position to examine its request.After, it is the Ofpra who decides so independent. "

Nathalie Loiseau also said that it was up to the Office of Refugee Protection (OFPRA) to make this decision, while Emmanuel Macron should not take a decision on this request, according to diplomatic sources quoted by AFP. , on Monday.