It is becoming increasingly difficult for Western countries to support sanctions against Russia, but restrictive measures are needed. This was stated by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Priestayko in an interview with the German publication Die Welt.

“Nevertheless, they (sanctions. - RT ) harm the Russian economy. And this encourages the Russians to move in the right direction, ”the diplomat said.

The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry admitted that the "sanctions front" in the West is weakening. As an example, he cited the return of Russia's voting rights to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), as well as talks that began in the US about the possibility of returning to the G8 format with the participation of Moscow.

It is worth noting that recently Pristayko announced the beginning of a thaw in Russian-Ukrainian relations.

“What we are observing now is a certain warming, a thaw in relations between Ukraine and Russia. And the president of Ukraine (Vladimir. - RT ) Zelensky is trying to make the most of this window of opportunity, ”the diplomat said, commenting on the exchange of held persons between Ukraine and Russia on September 7.

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Priestayko
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Sanction effect

Commenting on the statements that sanctions against Russia are forcing it to move “in the right direction”, the Federation Council noted that this is partly true, since restriction stimulates the development of the domestic market. However, according to Olga Timofeeva, a member of the Federation Council committee on international affairs, the Ukrainian Foreign Minister clearly did not mean this aspect.

“Naturally, I understand that he did not mean this. He insists that the sanctions against the Russian Federation continue as a method of pressure and building us into the politics that the West needs. In this regard, he is deeply mistaken; this will not happen. As a sovereign state, we ourselves determine our future and our development, ”the senator emphasized in an interview with RT.

At the same time, she said, it is not surprising that it is becoming increasingly difficult for Europe to support restrictive measures, since the sanctions are more harmful for the Europeans themselves than for Russia.

“The counter-sanctions introduced by Russia have a detrimental effect on the economies of European countries. First of all, there is a ruin of small and medium-sized businesses, which was focused on Russia, and, accordingly, this burden for Western countries is becoming largely unbearable, ”said Timofeeva.

So, in the report of European specialists prepared for the agricultural service of foreign countries of the US Department of Agriculture, it is reported that EU farmers suffer huge losses from the inability to sell their products in Russia. For example, producers of peaches and nectarines suffer. Due to the embargo that the Russian Federation had to impose in 2014 in response to sanctions, the losses of producers of these fruits reached $ 170 million.

“A Turn in Public Opinion”

Political scientist Yuriy Svetov, for his part, notes that Priestayko, being a representative of a new generation of Ukrainian politicians, absolutely “caught the general trend” with regard to anti-Russian sanctions, the general state of fatigue in Europe.

“Each country has its own interests, for five years now they have been forced to sacrifice their interests related to the development of mutually beneficial relations with Russia, for the sake of Ukraine:“ You are profitable to trade with Russia, but you do not trade, because Ukraine is against ”... This starting to get bored, ”he told RT.

The fact that not only European politicians, but also Ukrainian politicians are beginning to talk about it, suggests that the attitude towards sanctions is gradually changing, Svetov notes.

“When Macron and Merkel leave, the leadership will change in other countries, and for new leaders this will not be a personal matter, then there will be a relaxation. But it’s important that there is a turn in the public opinion of Europeans, who understand that to be definitely on the side of Ukraine is not the right step, ”the expert explained.

The Act of Despair

Political analyst Ivan Meziukho in an interview with RT noted that with his statement, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry essentially recognized the inconsistency of Kiev’s policy.

“The statement of the Ukrainian official testifies to the failure of Ukrainian diplomacy and the time of Poroshenko, and already the time of Zelensky. This statement must be regarded as an act of despair. Still, interest in Ukraine in the world is gradually dying away. The task of the new Minister of Foreign Affairs is to remind his country to the international community and the so-called Western partners, ”the political scientist explained.

In these conditions, the European partners are likely to ignore the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the expert believes. Washington is likely to voice its attitude to this problem at a meeting of the presidents of the United States and Ukraine.

“I believe that during the upcoming meeting between Zelensky and Trump, the American elites will show their Ukrainian counterpart in his place, and he will accept this place with joy and humility,” Mezujo concluded.