Oil facility attack Saudi Arabia's energy minister to detailed explanation September 17 18:03

Oil-related facilities in Saudi Arabia are under attack, and Saudi Arabia's energy minister is planning to hold a meeting for the first time after the attack at dawn on the 18th of Japan time, raising concerns over rising global crude oil prices. There is interest in how long the impact on production will last.

In Saudi Arabia, oil-related facilities such as Eastern Abu Kaiku were attacked on the 14th, and production of about half of the daily crude oil production stopped.

About the damage of the attack Western media have suffered damage to facilities that carry out processes that are indispensable for shipping crude oil such as removing impurities with abukai, and the recovery will take up to several months and the impact will be prolonged. I tell you how to see.

Saudi Arabia's Abdul Aziz Energy Minister is planning to hold a meeting on the night of 17th local time and early on the 18th of Japan time, as international crude oil prices rise sharply as concerns over the supply of crude oil have increased due to this attack .

Since the Saudi Arabian government has not disclosed the details of the damage after this attack, it seems that there will be some remarks at the conference, the damage situation of the facility, the prospect of recovery of crude oil production capacity, the export situation of crude oil There is a lot of interest in the impact of future crude oil production.