Grenoble (AFP)

The mayor of Grenoble Eric Piolle (EELV) has officially declared Tuesday candidate for municipal, ending a false suspense and calling the forces of the "humanist arc" to build a project "acceleration of transition".

Are you a candidate? "Yes, we're going back to a new adventure," 46-year-old Eric Piolle told AFP in a number of media outlets, sporting a black T-shirt with the label "We have hope in common", which could become his slogan. countryside.

The mayor of the capital of the Alps and its more than 160,000 inhabitants believes that after showing in 2014 that "the alternation was possible" with the arrival at the levers of "counter-powers" with its coalition ecologist, far left ( Left party become insubordinate France) and citizens, the context has evolved.

"There was Cop 21, the Pope's encyclical on ecology, the entry and exit of Nicolas Hulot's government, the climate marches, Trump, Salvini and many others," M said. Piolle.

For him, "we are now in the direction of history and in 2020, we must accelerate transitions" in the areas of food, health, mobility, social housing.

"I want to bring this acceleration," says the one who wants to top the list. As for his future partners, Eric Piolle does not say a word for the moment, even if the ideal would be to bring together all the left to know including LFI, the PCF, the hamonistes of Génération.s, etc.

"Everyone lives his schedule but we build a project and suddenly the coalition will be formed," says the elected, which says "feel the desire to act politicized or not."

Mr. Piolle intends to gather a "humanist arc" around a project yet to be created whose "backbone" would be "the values ​​of Grenoble". Understand: "those of the National Council of the Resistance, feminism, the reception of the exiles, the defense of the common goods".

"Values ​​are set, there will be many people behind," predicts Eric Piolle, who hopes to extract the "singularity Grenoble" national issues and party logic. Even though Grenoble, the only major city with ecologist editorial, will necessarily scrutinized.

Asked about his declared competitors, Eric Piolle does not dwell on Alain Carignon, 70, former mayor (1983-1995) convicted of corruption in 1996: "He disqualified himself and is on a personal quest", estimates he, recalling that he "entered politics at the same time as Balkany", sentenced last week for tax evasion. "Too bad that the political space of the right is leaded by Carignon".

As for Emilie Chalas, the neo-MP LREM of Isère the fall of Michel Destot (PS, former mayor also), "it is a person appointed by Paris who will have to assume the balance sheet and the speeches of Macron". The "+ winners-loosers + culture of En Marche makes some people, even on the right, feel closer to us", a question of values, Mr. Piolle analyzes.

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