When Google starts updating its Android TV platform (or Android TV) to Android 11 next year, it will bring with it a very important new feature, the ability to play cloud games, which the company calls "Google Stadia."

According to a leaked document obtained by XDA Developers, Google plans to incorporate Stadia into the next major Android TV update expected in 2020.

The document was presented at the International Broadcasting Conference, which concludes today in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but details were not made public during the conference.

When Stadia arrives on Android TVs, it will join the Chrome browser, the Chromecast Ultra, and smartphones Pixel 3, Pixel 3A and Pixel 4, in support of Google's cloud-based gaming service.

Google's Stadia and Android TV were due to launch in November.

When you launch the service, you will need to pay a monthly subscription of $ 9.99 to use it. Stadia Pro will allow you to play some free games, although users still have to purchase the largest number of games separately.

Next year, Google will launch a 'Stadia Pace' (basic Stadia) service that does not require a monthly subscription fee, but Stadia Pace users will miss the advantage of playing free games and will not be able to stream 4K games at 60fps.

To experience the Stadia service, the user will need an Android TV, Google's joystick, a subscription service and a fast Internet connection (Reuters)

Stadia is not the only new feature in the list of updates for the big Android TV update next year, as Google also plans to launch the Live Caption feature of Android 10 on Android TV, probably at the same time Where you will support Stadia.

Live Caption uses artificial intelligence to read anything on the phone's screen, which will provide immense possibilities for watching TV. There may also be a new "hero device" developed by Apple and featuring all Android TV innovations.

When Stadia arrives on Android TV, it may turn Google's steaming boxes into gaming platforms for those who don't have dedicated gaming platforms (such as PlayStation or Xbox) or personal gaming PCs .

In fact, Apple's Arcade service, which Apple will launch a few days later, may receive similar requests from Apple TV owners, even though the Apple TV does not use cloud computing to run games, as the company will launch the service with smaller independent addresses instead of huge games The famous service sought by Stadia.

Google is set to unveil more about the Stadia service, as well as a Pixel 4 phone and many of its new devices at the special event on October 15 in New York City.