• Italy assigns a safe port to the Ocean Viking ship: it is Lampedusa
  • Migrants, Palazzo Chigi: ok to redistribution in the EU for Ocean Viking


16 September 2019 Hungary condemns all decisions related to the opening of European borders to migrants, including those of the Italian government, "will not accept any kind of quota and will defend its borders by all means". This was stated by Hungarian Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjarto, quoted by local media.

The Rome decision is "unseemly and dangerous", he told the public broadcaster M1. And it is aggravated, he continued, by the intention to distribute the people who arrive among the Member States of the European Union.

Foreign Minister Di Maio: "Instrumental judgment"
"The judgment expressed by the Hungarian government is entirely instrumental. For years, Italy has been experiencing an emergency caused, above all, by the indifference of some European partners such as Hungary. It is easy to make the sovereigns with the borders of others. he accepts the quotas must be punished harshly. Italy cannot and will no longer take care of a problem that concerns the whole EU ". This was stated in a note by the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio.

"In transit countries, European offices must be established in which migrants can apply for asylum so that they can then be transferred to Europe, and not only in Italy, through a humanitarian corridor," the minister continues. "In this way - concludes the holder of the Farnesina - the hell of the traffickers of men and barges is put to an end and everyone assumes his responsibilities".

Salvini: common sense from Hungary
"Reopening the ports is an incentive for traffickers and for the immigrants themselves, who will be able to arrive again in mass". Matteo Salvini re-launches the minister's words on twitter
Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto and in another message he continues: "Words of common sense from Hungary, rightly worried by a left-wing government that, abandoning the hard line held by the League, puts at risk not only the security of Italy but that of throughout Europe ".