Hong Kong democratic members appeal to support US protests September 18 6:50

A Democratic member who continues to protest in Hong Kong attended a hearing at the US Congress and promptly passed a bill, including sanctions against Chinese officials, and urged them to support the protest.

A committee investigating Chinese human rights issues in the American Parliament held a hearing on the 17th following a protest in Hong Kong, attended by Mr. Huang Yong, an executive of a democratic organization in Hong Kong.

In this, Mr. Huang said, “The police are clearly overkill with tear gas and rubber bullets for protests,” and urged American companies to ban the export of tear gas and other items to Hong Kong.

Huang also said that the US Parliament has issued a sanctions bill against Chinese officials involved in the suppression of Hong Kong. I want them to be evaluated as protected, ”he said, and promptly supported the protests as soon as possible.

Democratic MP McGovern attending the hearing said in an NHK interview: “Hong Kong's protesting activities are spreading beyond the ruling and opposition parties. I want you to get it. "