Gislaved municipality has sent e-mails to several plastic companies in the municipality, they have received many answers, according to the municipality's environmental advisers, but no company claims to know where the plastic comes from.

- We have asked if they recognize the pieces of plastic, but we have not received any positive answers, says Volker Kelm, environmental adviser at Gislaved municipality.

The source of the pollution is unclear

He initially thought the pieces of plastic came from an old garbage dump located near the Nissan waterway in central Gislaved, but when SVT hits Volker Kelm at that location, no plastic is visible in the water.

According to Volker Kelm, it is not yet possible to ensure that the plastic pollution comes from Gislaved.

- It's easy to say that this comes from Gislaved, via Nissan and down to Halland, but it's not safe, he says.