• Key.Avigdor Lieberman, the man who can decide who rules in Israel

From April 17 to September 17, Israeli policy continues in the blockade. Exactly five weeks ago Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received the commission of the formation of his fourth consecutive Government after the elections in which the tie with the centrist Benny Gantz to seats (35 of 120 of the Knesset) knew him to glory although he finally failed in the attempt.

This Tuesday, the veteran leader of the Likud ties the elections before the former head of the Army according to the polls on foot of urn. According to two television networks, there would be only one seat difference: 34 versus 33. On the third channel, there is a technical tie.

In the absence of definitive results from elections that have once again become a referendum on his legacy, political present and personal future, Netanyahu would not have achieved his great goal: the support of 61 seats of a right-wing coalition with two ultra-orthodox parties without the need to count with the leader of Israel Beitenu Avigdor Lieberman who for the first time was not in the conservative block. The former assistant and partner of Netanyahu has the keys of the future Government in a situation that on Tuesday night was very uncertain.

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