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Felix Tshisekedi's state visit to Belgium continues. On Tuesday the Congolese president was first received with military honors by Prime Minister Charles Michel. The two countries have signed some symbolic texts for the resumption of cooperation before the head of state of DRC is received by the King of the Belgians.

It's a great visit with a busy program to which Felix Tshisekedi lends himself. There is a willingness on both sides to show that a certain page is turned, while on the last years of the presidency of Joseph Kabila, the two countries were at loggerheads. Kinshasa expelled the Belgian officers and suspended military cooperation. Consulates had been closed and Belgium had openly redirected its aid to the country towards civil society. The European Union did the same, but did not say so openly.

It is partly to return to these different snags that President Tshisekedi and Prime Minister Charles Michel signed several documents on Tuesday morning. Memoranda of Understanding that are not binding, but which should allow some standardization between the two countries.

A visit to the employers

However, the page is not completely turned, it is explained the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of cooperation, Alexander de Croo, before the meeting. The ongoing cooperation program with the DRC is indeed only a transitional program, pending the formation of a new Belgian government. Above all, says the minister, while waiting for the Congolese government to prove itself its desire to improve the living conditions of the Congolese.

After the prime minister, the Congolese head of state is received by the King of the Belgians, King Philippe. Finally, the last important meeting of the day will be with the federation of Belgian companies. According to the FEB, President Tshisekedi should be sold out.

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