• Prosecutor's Office: "An inquina and an unfair aversion to Gabriel Cruz is proven"
  • Trial: It took Julia three hours to leave the farm where she killed Gabriel
  • Quezada.Empleó an "intense and extensive violence" on Gabriel Cruz

Ana Julia Quezada, author confesses to the death of the child Gabriel Cruz , has apologized "in general to all of Spain" and also that God forgives her before the members of the popular jury that judges her since last September 9.

"First of all, ask for forgiveness from Gabriel's family members , all family members and anyone who has been harmed by my action," the defendant said in tears, exercising her right to the last word during the final session. Oral vision

"I want to apologize also to my daughter and to my whole family, to everyone who could have felt bad about what I did. In general, all of Spain and I hope God forgives me," he concluded.

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