The most reliable analyst with regard to Apple products, says that the demand for iPhone 11 will be better than expected, despite his previous estimates of reduced demand for this phone.

According to famous analyst Ming Qi Kuo, it seems that the credit for the iPhone 11 is due to its new colors and financing options (especially installment sales facilities).

"Orders for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro exceeded expectations," Co 9 said in its latest report on Sunday evening.

The KO report was based on estimates of phone shipments on Apple's website after pre-order was opened last week. As a result, Ko raised his previous estimate of iPhone sales from 65 to 70 million units to 70 to 75 million units.

Kuo believes that the basic iPhone 11 (the cheapest among the three iPhone 11 phones) will be popular in China, while the iPhone 11 Pro will be the most popular in the United States, due to two reasons:

The first is the new colors, especially midnight green, which resembles the green swamps of the iPhone 11 Pro model, which Ko says will be rare due to unspecified production problems.

The other reason is Apple's financing tools, including software to replace the old phone with one of its new phones, and plans to buy the phone in installments without interest.

These finance and swap options may be enough to meet the saturation of the current phone market and the high costs of the iPhone.

According to an analysis conducted by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, the Chinese worker at the average government salary of the state will have to spend his full salary for 30.4 days to buy iPhone 11 Pro with a capacity of 64 GB, and this is a long period during which Chinese customers will not be able to pay rent, food or utilities if they choose to buy This model.

At the same time, the Mexican worker will have to spend his entire salary for a much longer period of 54.2 days. Have the highest salary rate.