A group of six men, a woman and two children were spotted and intercepted by the Maritime Gendarmerie on Monday morning as it tried to cross the English Channel.

Nine migrants including two children who tried to cross the English Channel in a makeshift boat were intercepted Monday morning off Cape Gris-nez, in the Pas-de-Calais, and handed over to the police, said the prefecture maritime.

Six men, one woman and two children

The group of six men, a woman and two children was spotted by the gendarmerie maritime around 5:20 am about 1.8 km from the French coast, while the boat broke down "began to take water," according to a statement of the Maritime Prefecture of the Channel and the North Sea. Quickly rescued, the migrants were "sent to Boulogne-sur-mer" and "taken care of by the police at the borders". For nearly a year, crossing attempts have multiplied in the Channel despite the danger of traffic density, strong currents and low water temperatures.