Court of Messina


September 16, 2019He hid from his former partner, a lawyer from Messina, to be sick with HIV and the woman died. Besides her, she would have also infected three other women. The investigation by the Messina Public Prosecutor, reports La Gazzetta del Sud, led to the arrest of a 55-year-old man, accused of murder.

According to what the investigators have reconstructed, the man was aware of being HIV positive but kept it hidden from the woman with whom he had a 4-year relationship. The victim only discovered that he had contracted HIV after a long time, but it was too late.

Gip: "Dangerous criminal"
"It does not escape the awareness that the suspect has, with particular unscrupulousness, silenced all his partners about his condition and with alarming danger he has demanded unprotected sexual relations, endangering the health of others, for his own sexual satisfaction. , moreover, he not only silenced his status as a companion, but also misled by advising integrators, although he could represent the consequences that his own senseless conduct had caused, makes the danger of recidivism extremely concrete and actual ".

The investigating judge in Messina wrote that he had arrested the 55-year-old man accused of murder and very serious injuries. "The disputed conduct - the investigating magistrate writes - as a precautionary measure - therefore denotes a criminal personality of absolute importance, they constitute the index of a danger of repetition of the crimes that can, in the opinion of this decident, be faced only and
exclusively with prison ".