Iran Women's stadium sports watching lifted or international blame September 16 9:05

During the growing international criticism of Iran, which bans women from watching sports at stadiums, the Iranian government has revealed that women have begun to respond.

In Iran, a strict Islamic state, it is considered undesirable for men and women to be in the same place in public, and women watching sports in the stadium are prohibited except in some international matches.

Under these circumstances, according to state-run communications, Vice President Amiri said on the 15th that the government had already begun preparations so that women could enter the stadium as soon as possible. Revealed.

On top of that, it is said that women's watching requires the establishment of women-only entrances and watching areas at all large stadiums in Iran.

In Iran, a woman who was detained and tried to enter the stadium in order to watch soccer was killed by burning himself after being told that he was imprisoned this month. There was a growing demand for women to lift the game.

The Iranian government has been forced to respond to the growing international criticism, but we do not know the details of whether this response is a temporary measure. Attention will be paid to how much is accepted.