NO, but you still have to have the belts in the Epan or A tractor. If you drive without a belt in a mop car, you must wear a helmet instead.

An A-tractor and an EPA-tractor with a total weight of not more than 3 500 kg, put into service on or after 1 January 2004, must have seat belts that work if there were seat belts in the original car that the A-tractor or EPA-tractor was built by . However, there is no requirement that a seat belt must be worn when traveling with these vehicles. The Swedish Road Administration's regulations VVFS (2003: 19) Chapter 4. § 165

When it comes to four-wheel-drive moped class I (moped car), according to the Traffic Regulation SFS (1998: 1276), Chapter 4. Section 9 which states that “Safety helmet shall be used by the person traveling with a moped.” At the same time, SFS (1998: 1276) opens Chapter 4. § 9, paragraph 5 up, that safety helmets do not need to be used in a three- or four-wheel moped with bodywork, if a seat belt is used.


Moped car: NO, check the registration certificate if you can be two. A-tractor and Epa: YES, if not a danger

According to the Traffic Regulation SFS (1998: 1276), Chapter 3. Section 79, passengers may not be included in such number or placed so that danger may arise. This applies to A-tractors, and EPA tractors. These two types of vehicles also have a maximum permissible load weight which must not be exceeded.

For mopeds, it is a little more precise that on or in a Class I moped, no more people can travel than the moped is built for. Normally there are 1 driver and possibly 1 passenger. Traffic Regulation SFS (1998: 1276), Chapter 6. § 3. Whether the moped is allowed to take passengers is shown in the registration certificate of the moped.

30 or 45 km / h depending on the type of vehicle

A-tractor - must be designed to run at a maximum speed of 10 km / h on the lowest gear, and a maximum of 30 km / h on the highest gear.

The EPA tractor, on the other hand, has a slightly different set of rules to deal with. The maximum permissible speed of the vehicle is 30 km / h and the wheel speed must not exceed one tenth of the engine speed.

The difference here is then that an A-tractor must not be able to drive faster than 30 km / h, while an EPA tractor must not be allowed to drive faster than 30 km / h, although it can be driven faster than 30 km / h, according to the so-called EPA tractor announcement, SFS (1940: 440)

Moped car (moped class I) may have a design speed of no more than 45 km / h. Traffic Regulation SFS (1998: 1276) Chapter 4. Section 20 which states that when traveling on the road, a Class I moped may be driven at a maximum of 45 km / h. (By constructive speed is meant that there must be construction to be able to run for a maximum of 45km / h.)


Yes A-tractors and Epor should be inspected. No rules for mop cars

Normally, an A tractor is inspected once every two years, and the same goes for an EPA tractor.

When the original vehicle on which the A-tractor or EPA-tractor is built is 50 years or older, the inspection inspection will be exempt. Then the police can submit an inspection if there is a defect in the vehicle during an inspection.

Prior to May 20, 2018, EPA tractors were inspected at the same interval as passenger cars, while the A tractors were inspected exempt.


No, that's a common misconception

Many people think it is regulated what kind of gear they should have. Many call us and ask if they can have a single gearbox or if they must have dual gearboxes in the A-tractor.

It is not regulated but instead are two speed requirements that must be met for an A tractor. It must be capable of operating at 10 km / h at the lowest gear at 2/3 of the maximum engine speed, and at a maximum of 30 km / h at the highest gear. This is so that the A-tractor can tow a trailer of at least 1,000 kg.


Traffic Regulation SFS (1998: 1276) Chapter 4. Section 10e also applies to those who drive a moped, EPA-tractor and A-tractor, that you must not use a mobile phone when driving a motor-driven vehicle.

Source: Swedish Transport Agency