This is stated in the message of the West Siberian Investigative Directorate for Transport of the IC of Russia.

“The Krasnoyarsk Investigation Department on transport of the West Siberian Investigation Department on transport of the IC of Russia is checking the emergency landing of the Yak-42D aircraft, which was en route Talakan-Omsk-Ufa,” the department said.

According to preliminary data of the UK, during the flight, the crew felt a vibration, after which the malfunction sensor of the right engine caught fire.

In this regard, the aircraft commander decided to turn off the faulty engine and land the aircraft at the airport of Krasnoyarsk.

The plane, on board of which there were 116 passengers and five crew members, landed safely.

Earlier, the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that the Yak-42 landed at the airport of Krasnoyarsk due to a technical malfunction.