The corresponding statement was published on the website of the department.

“Germany condemns in the strongest terms the attack on the oil enterprises in Hurais and Abkaik, for which the Hussites took responsibility,” the report said.

The Foreign Ministry emphasizes that the attack "exacerbates tensions" in the region.

“We urge those responsible for him to abandon such attacks,” the agency stressed.

On September 14, in Saudi Arabia, drones attacked two refineries of the state-owned company Saudi Aramco, after which fires occurred at the plants.

Saudi Arabian Energy Minister Abdel-Aziz bin Salman said oil attacks reduced by 50% as a result of attacks on Saudi Aramco’s oil facilities, with some of the losses being compensated from back-up storage facilities.

The attack has already been condemned by a number of countries, in particular Great Britain, France and the USA.

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