Taha Ani-Istanbul

The Iraqi youth Abdul Khaliq Abdul Haq traveled from his hometown of Bashiqa in the province of Nineveh (northern Iraq) to the Turkish city of Istanbul, traveling more than 2400 km by bicycle in a 19-day trip.

The young man, who belongs to the Yazidi sect, loves adventure and trips, and tells Al-Jazeera Net that he has made many trips between the provinces of Iraq, the most prominent and longest trip called the "peace journey", which started from the city of Zakho in the far north of Iraq to the city of Fao in the far south.

On the purpose of his trip, he explained that through which he wanted to spread a message of peace and coexistence between the components and spectrums in Iraq, pointing out that he visited areas and families of diverse sects and nationalism; Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni.

Through his trips Abdul Haq identified many areas and peoples and their differences (Al Jazeera Net)

As for the beginning of his idea to travel to Istanbul by bike, which he made recently, Abdul Haq explained that after the success of the peace trip and the great positive reactions through social networking sites, encouraged to plan a new trip, adding that his love for adventure and to see different areas; He rode his bicycle.

"I started planning the Istanbul trip, and I bought the items I might need," he said. As for the purpose of his trip to Istanbul, Abdul Khaliq said that he wanted to undertake a new adventure on his bicycle, this time outside Iraq, and to document in pictures the areas he is going through different terrain between mountains and plains and plateaus, and the nature of dealing with people in different regions.

As for his attention on the Istanbul trip, Abdul Haq said that the language varies from one region to another in Turkey.He explains that he entered areas with Arabic-speaking people, and other inhabitants who spoke Kurdish, in addition to areas whose people speak Turkish, pointing out that some spoke English.

Spectacular views and different peoples interviewed by the Iraqi youth during his trip (Al Jazeera Net)

He noted that there was a significant change in the weather from one region to another, some areas were hot, the temperature was high, especially in the southern regions of Turkey, and others increased in humidity such as coastal areas, and there, which was very cold, especially in the northern parts.

Abdel Khalek documented the trip on a daily basis by filming his camera, and confirms that he also documented the reception of the Turks in the cities he passed, pointing out that "most of the people he met gave him advice and guidance to go to the beautiful areas that are worth visiting during the trip," and explained that some of them invited him To their homes and they gave him hospitality.

Abdel-Haq faced many difficulties during his travels but he accepted it in the spirit of adventure (Al Jazeera Net)

Flight difficulties
Abdelkhalek's journey was not without difficulties. He spent most of his 19-day nights in a small tent in a public place.

He continues to talk to the island that "despite the problems he faced, and difficult situations, and the difference in weather conditions between regions, the Istanbul trip had a special flavor between his trips.

He explained that the reason for this is due to the distance of the journey between his town Bashiqa and Istanbul, in addition to the nature and scenery that encountered him on his way, and the remarkable population diversity that he saw.

Abdul Khaliq concludes by pointing out that he seeks to set up trips and adventures outside Iraq, and his next goal will be a trip to Malaysia, and then to the European countries.