15 September 2019 "'Build your house with the stones that threw you against it' is written in the Talmud, Erri De Luca tells us. We must try to build a common house with the stones that we have pulled each other. us and for the cinquestelle ". This is how Dario Franceschini from the AreaDem stage in Cortona.

"Not by contracting the spheres of influence, but by meeting each point and looking for the difficulty of the compromise. I will not take Salvini's place in the daily dispute - he added -. The M5S will have something to learn from us, but also us from them, if they have taken 33% in the elections and most of our voters something we will be wrong ".

"We had a moral duty to stop Salvini nightmare"
"Transforming fear into hatred" is what Salvini and the populists are doing around. We had the moral duty to stop this nightmare, we owed it to our children, but also to our fathers and mothers who left us a civilized Italy ". Franceschini states, according to which "the risk has not passed".

Franceschini: ridiculous story of consensual separation
"The unity of the Democratic Party is indispensable. The birth of the government has also passed from the interviews of Renzi and Bettini, one had never seen a unanimous vote in the direction. For this I do not want to believe in this story of the split or what I read in the newspapers, this ridiculous story of consensual separation. When you split a party it is always traumatic, how do you think it is consensual? ". Stresses Franceschini