Lille (AFP)

The young Nolan, intoxicated in 2011 by a steak burner contaminated by the bacterium E.coli, died Saturday at the age of 10, it was learned Sunday from his lawyer.

"Nolan died on Saturday morning of the aftermath of his intoxication," told AFP Florence Rault, a lawyer for the boy and his family, confirming information from the Parisian.

"It was a long ordeal because he did not stop suffering for a moment: limbs that deform, bones break, he had to undergo various surgeries, he could not eat, swallow, talk, to move because he had no more coordination, "detailed Rault.

Reached diabetes, "it was powered by catheter" with "taking medicine several times a day, regular stays at the hospital," she added.

"His body finally gave up", "consequence of all these pathologies that have only worsened and have completely deteriorated" his state of health.

In June 2011, around 15 children had developed haemolytic and uremic syndromes (HUS) after eating hamburger steaks purchased from Lidl, which left significant after-effects.

Remained paralyzed and mentally handicapped, Nolan, who was then a little under 2 years old, was the most severely affected. He is the only one to have died.

In February, 78-year-old Guy Lamorlette, manager of the supplier of Lidl implicated in the food scandal, was sentenced to three years in prison, two of which were farmed, and a fine of 50,000 euros.

After his conviction on appeal, counsel for Mr. Lamorlette indicated that he considered very seriously to file an appeal on points of law.

Mr. Rault hoped that after this death he renounces it. "Nolan's parents are hoping that they will one day come to deserve decency and compassion" and that Mr. Lamorlette "will finally face his responsibilities," she said.

He has "not paid any damages" to Nolan's family for the moment, said Rault, adding that "Nolan's parents are in despair and utter destitution." "They had a lot of debt to support Nolan and have no money for funeral expenses," she said.

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