Hong Kong Stock Exchange Proposal London side refused September 14 9:11

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange's proposal for an acquisition of approximately 4 trillion yen against the London Stock Exchange rejected the London Stock Exchange because it was unable to find a strategic advantage.

On the 11th of this month, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange told the London Stock Exchange Group that all the shares of the London Stock Exchange would be £ 29.6 billion, as it would benefit both of Asia and Europe's key financial centers together We proposed a merger in the form of buying around JPY 4 trillion in Japanese yen.

On this day, the London Stock Exchange decided on the 13th to reject the offer as a fundamental flaw and notified Hong Kong.

In a letter addressed to the Hong Kong side, the merger with a stock exchange that has a different direction for the London side, which has the financial data field as its growth strategy, is not beneficial, and there is a risk of being affected by politics. And so on.

In response, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange announced the comment that “the merger is confident that the two stock exchanges will lead the world's financial markets,” and expressed its willingness to continue to work. .