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He described it as "trembling" .. Mohamed Ali Sisi: You are a failure


Egyptian artist and contractor Mohamed Ali considered the evocation of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi to the war on terrorism in his speeches and conferences "clear evidence of his failure and mismanagement of the Egyptian state."

Commenting on Sisi 's speech at the 8th Youth Conference on Saturday morning, Al - Manara International Conference Center in the Fifth Settlement suburb (east of Cairo), entitled "Evaluating the experience of combating terrorism locally and regionally".

In the first part of his commentary, designed to respond to Sisi's handling of the war on terrorism, he ironically questioned why "terrorist movements" were active in the Egyptian arena and not in other countries.

In this context, Mohammed Ali mentioned a number of Gulf countries, led by the UAE and European countries, which he said that there are factors and reasons that attract terrorist forces such as ISIS to carry out attacks, but this does not happen, which calls into question the war on terrorism. In fact its motives.

Question to the President of the Republic can open the fields one day, but #Red_Ali_Mohamed_Ali_Assisi

- Mohammed Ali (@mohammedaliegg) September 14, 2019

Mohamed Ali denounced al-Sisi's intimidation of the Egyptian people, in the context of talking to those who believe that the Brotherhood is the source of terrorism in Egypt, that it is possible to hand them over the rule of Egypt, saying: "It is the gym (competition) between you and the Brotherhood but (only) .. Where (where The rest of the Egyptian people? "

He considered the Egyptian contractor to ignore Sisi to answer questions regarding his charges and repeated warnings that Egypt will become what has become "Syria and Iraq" and exported to "the threat of ISIS, the Brotherhood and Hamas, and Mohammed Ali and behind him from the Western powers supporting him" evidence of the weakness of his position and argument .

Mohamed Ali felt that the revolution of January 25, 2011 was only a "strangulation" (disagreement) between Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, who headed the Egyptian army, and deposed President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, because the army refused to inherit Gamal Mubarak rule from his father, and then the army exploited the movement of the street For full control of the rule the Brotherhood was exploited.

The video has been highly watched and republished, and the #Red_Mohamed_Ali_Saisi tag has continued to be high since Sisi spoke during his participation in the Youth Conference, the list of the most frequently traded on Twitter in Egypt, and widely circulated by Facebook activists.

I saw that this was your last chance, first by those who worked for the junta and secondly by us, the people.
And failed Btgrtk and Hblk and Hertlk and ignited the popular anger more
All the people after the conference I make sure of all those who say # Reply_Ali_Mohamed_Ali_Assisi

- Ahmed El-ghandour (@timeiscrazy) September 14, 2019

Dozens of activists reacted sarcastically at Sisi's speech at the conference, which tried to downplay the impact and value of the contractor Mohamed Ali's charges.

It is clear to the point that all his words are attributed to all the failures and corruption of the January Revolution and that every country has reached him because of your revolution, Egyptians.

# Reply_Ali_Mohamed_Ali_Issisi

- mahmoud elnagar (@ mahmoud28981857) September 14, 2019

Activists considered Sisi's response to the accusations "weak and shaky," which they saw as confirmation of the accusations, not denying them, and others saw him in favor of what Mohammed Ali seeks to promote in the Egyptian street, while supporters of Sisi found their misguided refutation of the accusations.

Source: aljazeera

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