Argentine star Lionel Messi has accepted an invitation to dinner recently by Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Messi said he accepted Ronaldo's invitation, noting that he had spoken to him a lot at the European Footballer of the Year awards held in Monaco last month, stressing that they had no problems despite the lack of friendship because of their preoccupation.

"I said a lot I have no problem with him. We may not be friends, but we meet a lot at awards parties and problems between us. We talked a long time at the last party. I will accept the invitation, "
Messi on Cristiano call him

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The call came after Ronaldo made the remarks when sitting next to Messi at the ceremony. "Don" said that despite the fiercely competitive competition that Messi has been gathering for many years, "we have never had dinner together before."

The invitation sparked a huge interaction from the masses and even some officials, as Remigius Simasius, mayor of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, expressed his willingness to host two football stars in one of the capital's finest restaurants.

"Ronaldo's initiative to sit next to Messi for dinner resonated with gourmet food in Vilnius," Simacius said.