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Ponte Genova, investigated for false Donferri and Ad Spea


Investigators want to shed light on the possibility that Aspi knew that reports on viaducts were distorted

  • Genoa bridge collapse, Aspi: the results of the monitoring had not signaled alarm reasons
  • Morandi bridge collapse: Gdf seizes ministerial, provincial and Spea documents


March 27, 2019 Forward step in the investigation into alleged false reports on five Italian motorway viaducts. Michele Donferri Mitelli, national head of Autostrade maintenance, now with another assignment, and the managing director of Spea (the subsidiary of the Atlantia group that deals with maintenance, ed) have been registered in the file. The new investigation, daughter of the main one on the disaster of August 14th, had jumped to the headlines at the end of January with the registration in the register of suspects of 12 people including technicians and engineers of Spea and some vertices of the Apulian trunk of the highways. Now, the registration of Donferri and Galatà for fake, like the other 13 suspects (a total of 15, there is also an Aspi technician) could mark the turning point: the investigators want to shed light on the possibility that Aspi knew that the reports on viaducts were distorted. The survey concerns five viaducts in a critical state including the 'Paolillo' in Puglia, the 'Pecetti' and the 'Sei Luci' in Genoa, the Moro in A14 and the Gargassa in A26. According to the military of the first group of the Guardia di Finanza of Genoa, the group would have 'softened' the reports on the status of the controlled viaducts.

Toninelli: very serious
"The line of inquiry into the five viaducts that arises from the investigation of the collapse of the Ponte Morandi, and which involves both Autostrade per l'Italia and the subsidiary Spea, is taking a turn that bothers me and makes me angry. We must naturally let it work the magistrates in serenity, but if the accusatory hypotheses were confirmed, we would be facing a very serious scenario ". The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Danilo Toninelli, writes on Facebook.

"I have decided to change the state of affairs that the survey photographer takes at its root - he adds -. The actual checks on the safety of the motorways have resumed, as demonstrated by the loading tests on the A24 that we told you about, and we begin to evaluate the merits. the surveillance and stability calculations made by the dealers. I no longer trust only the cards, as has been the case for too long ".

Unfortunately, the MIT manager continues, "this investigation seems to confirm that mine has never been scaremongering, but a decisive awareness of the gaps in the control system, gaps that I have inherited and that we are filling. We are working to avoid a another Genoa. The road is the right one, and the more they attack me, obviously always and only on a personal level, the more they convince me that our revolution is underway ", concludes Toninelli.

Source: rainews

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