The name of the portfolio of the Greek Margaritis Schinas, which inherited Tuesday the sensitive issue of migration in the next European Commission, is controversial. Stéphane Séjourné, MEP LREM, calls on Europe 1 to change the name he considers "ambiguous".


"Protection of our European way of life": the title of the portfolio inherited Tuesday by the Greek Margaritis Schinas, in charge of migration in the new European Commission led by Ursula von der Leyen, makes the left leap. Stéphane Séjourné, MEP LREM interviewed at the microphone of Europe 1, calls to change this title that he considers "vague" and "ambiguous".

"We must change the title from the moment there is debate," says the politician, dismayed. "Protecting the European way of life, I do not know what that means There is an ambiguity in this title: the way of life is the way of life, but Europe is plural. tell us how to live in Europe. " However, the elected representative said that he had read the commissioner's mission letter, with which he said he was in agreement on the merits.