Thai Buddha and Ultraman combined painting and discussion September 13 6:48

More than 90% of the people are Buddhist Thai, and paintings combining Buddha and Ultraman produced by university students are criticized for insulting Buddhism, and students are driven to apology, while young people's creativity There is also a movement to advocate that should be recognized, and it has become a debate over freedom of expression.

A female student attending a university in northeastern Thailand exhibited a painting of a combination of Buddha and Ultraman this month at a local commercial facility.

The painting was made by Ultraman with a Buddha's face in Zen meditation or posing, and criticism continued for insulting Buddhism from religious organizations.

As a result, the exhibition was canceled and the female student who produced the work apologized to the local monk.

On the other hand, a Thai business man said that "This work does not blame the sacredness of religion" and purchased this work, and auctioned it, so it was worth about 2.1 million yen in Japanese yen , All the money will be donated to this university student and a local hospital.

In addition to this, it is a debate over freedom of expression in Thailand, where Buddhists account for more than 90% of the people, such as raising voices to defend university students, saying that prominent artists should recognize the creativity of young people. It is.