The local council in Jokkmokk has written to the regional management and asked the governing politicians to think about the medical center's medical record.

According to the decision, there is a closure of samples and the effects will be analyzed in January.

"Unhappy solution"

But the jock suicide politicians are already ruling out the decision, which means that visits to local doctors are exchanged for video assessments of nurses and doctors at Gällivare hospital.

And it has already resulted in every third nurse in Jokkmokk quitting, that staff resources have to be redistributed from day to night and that three out of five jobs are withdrawn.

- This is unfortunate. I really hope that the obvious consequences make it stop at just one test. We still believe that this is a particularly unsuitable solution, says Robert Bernhardsson (S).

"Creates security"

He emphasizes the importance of attractive workplaces in the sparsely populated municipality of Jokkmokk, and especially in health care.

- When the region makes changes that cause staff to leave the workplace, things have gone too far.

Are you worried about the health center breaking down this?

- Yes, because the service is deteriorating. These places are very important. We have an increasingly elderly population and it creates a sense of security for them that we have just obesity places, ”says Robert Bernhardsson.