Former US ambassador to Egypt and Pakistan Ann Patterson said that Qatar is hosting the negotiations between the US side and the Afghan Taliban movement and there is no need to move them to another place, because Doha is a wonderful place where everyone works effectively and successfully.

She said during an interview with the American radio program "John Fredericks Show" that the United States views the Qatari mediation with admiration and appreciation, saying that the winds of jealousy hit the Emiratis and Saudis because of the sponsorship of the mediator of the American admiration and international prestige.

Patterson said that Saudi Arabia and the UAE have recently appeared troubled and unstable, which is not in line with the image they want to market to the outside world, while Qatar seems a stable country playing an important international role, which bothered its neighbors severely.

"I do not know why these talks have not been held in Saudi Arabia, America's historic and strategic partner, but the young Saudi prince (in reference to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman) is a dangerous person to his country and to Washington," she said.