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Pablo Iglesias would now accept a coalition worse than the one he rejected in July


There are two slabs that weigh in Podemos and Pablo Iglesias. Having rejected the last offer of coalition government offered by the PSOE in July - a vice presidency and three ministries

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There are two slabs that weigh in Podemos and Pablo Iglesias. Having rejected the last offer of the coalition government offered by the PSOE in July - a vice-presidency and three ministries - and not having personally negotiated with Pedro Sánchez and delegated the task to the negotiating teams. On this last aspect, he shows a special regret. Therefore, in a last desperate attempt, the leader of Podemos yesterday called on the socialist leader to hold a meeting between them to seek a government agreement. An offer that the Socialists reject flat, inviting Iglesias to convene the negotiating table if he has a different proposal from the coalition.

In the last hours, Podemos has loosened its position, coinciding with the socialist conviction that there will be new elections, to the point that Iglesias would be willing to accept a downward co-government, that is, a more decaffeinated offer than July. Fewer chairs, but clinging to seal a coalition, even if it is minimal.

The situation of Unidos Podemos is complex. Iglesias managed to seal a unit of action among the members of the coalition - We can, IU, common , Galicia in Common -, but that unit is not homogeneity, as members of the parliamentary group recognize. There are differences, although the threat of elections means that no one dares to break the discipline and face elections in the flesh. Those internal voices that bet to avoid going to the polls are still latent and Iglesias wants to make a final attempt. He wants a face to face with Sánchez. For this, it is satisfied that United We can be in the next Executive, even if it is under conditions lower than those offered by the PSOE in July (a vice-presidency and three ministries). The purples would be satisfied with a devalued proposal but that allowed them to exhibit some of the policies they set. Be able to hang political medals, such as Employment or Ecological Transition. In the Iglesias team they defend that it is a new example of their intention to prevent new elections.

Iglesias explained his anger with Sánchez for his repeated messages to Rivera to meet him, while the leader of Podemos, since July, only sent a message to congratulate him on the birth of his daughter. There have been no calls between them. "I will have to call him," Iglesias said in Congress. «I reach out. We made a proposal in July, we made a counter proposal in August. I propose that on the basis of these two proposals we sit down to negotiate. The agreement will not be satisfactory for us or for you. It is not satisfactory for us to accept a coalition government in which we have been banned and in which we are presented with a representativeness far from the votes we have, ”said the purple leader.

In addition, the purpose of summoning Sanchez is to try to take the initiative and haggle the political suit that takes Spain to new elections, a poster that has been hung by the PSOE. If there is no meeting Iglesias could use the refusal as an electoral political weapon: it is the leader of the PSOE who does not want to negotiate.

For the socialists this risk seems minimal. The president of the Government flies over all these reproaches and has begun to build a speech to neutralize the criticisms of Podemos based on two premises. One, we offered a coalition and they rejected it because the Ministry of Health or Equality seemed little to them. Two, for the second time we can have prevented a progressive government in Spain and for that reason we must repeat elections.

Sanchez begins to repeat these arguments as a litany, leaving aside the reproaches they make from all areas (partners and adversaries) of how long it took to negotiate or about his personal responsibility in the formation of the Government. The chief executive seems to be walking straight to the polls and nothing indicates that he is going to alter his latest offer to Podemos: programmatic pact and positions of responsibility in institutions on the periphery of the Government.

Or that or elections. That is why yesterday was not taken for granted before the announcement of the call of Iglesias. "If you have any questions to ask for negotiation, I ask you to convene the negotiating table and explain if you have more than the coalition to raise the PSOE," he said. There is no willingness to meet with Iglesias despite the fact that since the party it was assured that this meeting would be held, regardless of the progress of the talks.

Socialists are only willing to sit if We can resign from sitting on the Council of Ministers. «They have to focus and think about what they want to do. And if there is a proposal that the teams speak, ”government sources said. In Moncloa and in the PSOE, they continue to believe that the division within We can over whether or not they should demand to enter the Executive can decline the balance against Iglesias. That and the abyss of new elections. Contrary to what the latest polls in Ferraz point out, we can argue that the batter of Podemos will be "monumental."

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