- It was a constructive meeting. I think they listened to our arguments but how they later transformed them I do not know, says Johan Persson, chief executive of Oxelösund.

Municipal management believes that Vattenfall's plans for a high-voltage line make it impossible to develop in two areas where Oxelösund municipality plans to build new housing.

Many protests

SVT Sörmland has previously told about the many protests from, among others, villagers who do not want the plans to become reality. The background to the power line plans is that SSAB's need for electricity is expected to increase as the company plans to switch its production to electric power.

Oxelösund Municipality has previously written in an opinion that instead of an airborne pipeline, they recommend that it be buried or laid on the seabed.

Johan Persson says that SSAB is an important company as the municipality's largest employer, but he thinks it should be possible to agree.

- It must be possible to match both the municipality's need to grow long-term and SSAB's need to make the change they plan, he says.

Waterfall: Several suggestions

Katrin Lemming Thulin at Vattenfall Electric Distribution was not present at Wednesday's meeting, but emphasizes that there are several different proposals for stretching.

- We take the views we have received to be able to select a route to be presented in October, says Katrin Lemming Thulin.