It was in July 2015 that a 36-year-old man was found dead in his home in Malmberget. According to police, it was unclear if the man was murdered but the circumstances meant that they could not rule out crimes. Technicians from Luleå were sent to do site investigations and investigate what happened.

Relatives alerted police

It was the relatives who found the man dead in the villa and alerted police. When police patrol arrived at the residence there were suspicions that it could be a murder.

What circumstances make the investigation now take off again, four years later, is unclear. The man's lawyer, Magnus Müchler, says the 31-year-old denies the crime.

- He has not been the subject of any detention measures in the past, but now he has come into a position where he believes he will be arrested. What I know he has not been detained before, he says.

SVT News Norrbotten has spoken to chamber prosecutor Anna Väppling who does not want to comment before the arrest, which starts at 15.00 on Thursday.