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“Given the increased resonance”: the case of a Tomsk teenager trying to save a puppy was returned to the prosecutor


In the Tomsk Region, the court returned to the prosecutor a criminal case against a 16-year-old. The young man hit the hood of a car that ran into his dog to save the animal. The owner of the car sued the student because of dents on the hood. Investigators concluded that a teenager could damage other people's property intentionally. Earlier, the Children's Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova called on the authorized bodies to terminate the criminal case against a minor.

The court returned to the prosecutor a criminal case against a 16-year-old teenager from Tomsk who damaged a car that crushed his dog in front of him. Investigators intend to establish all the circumstances of the accident and check the significance of the damage caused to the driver of the car.

“The leadership of the investigative department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Tomsk Region in front of the prosecutor of the Tomsk Region, taking into account the increased public resonance, prosecuting a teenager, initiated the issue of returning a criminal case against a 16-year-old teenager who hit a car that drove into his dog from the court for an additional investigation and its transfer to the investigative bodies of the IC of Russia, ”the message on the website of the Tomsk office of the IC says.

Hitting a puppy of the breed Laika, nicknamed Bert, belonging to the Tomsk tenth grader, occurred on June 5. The teenager came into the garage to his friend, where they fixed the car together. The dog was nearby on the street, but was without a leash and a muzzle. At some point, the teenager heard the animal screech. Running out of the garage, he saw that a Nissan car had hit a puppy.

As a schoolboy himself later told local reporters, he was greatly shocked by what he saw, ran to the car and began to shout to the driver to get off the animal. According to the student, he did not first respond to his cries, after which the student hit his hands on the hood of a car. As a result, the man who had run over got out of the car and began to apologize to the teenager. The dog by that time could no longer be saved.

Some time after the incident, it turned out that the driver filed a lawsuit against Danila for damage to his property - dents appeared on the hood of a teenager on the hood of a car. The man estimated the damage at 14 thousand rubles. In addition, in his lawsuit, the man claimed that the teenager allegedly insulted him in obscene form, threatened to kill him and demanded money for the dead animal.

The teenager and his parents failed to agree with the owner of Nissan. As the teenager’s father told local reporters, the family initially hoped that they would only institute administrative proceedings, but now the schoolchild could face up to 2 years in prison under the article on damage to someone else’s property. The family failed to file a lawsuit against the owner of the car - they were refused administrative proceedings, citing the fact that the dog was unattended.

According to investigators, after a collision with a dog on June 5, a teenager deliberately hit the hood of someone else's car.

“During the inquiry, it was established that the accused, being at the garage box located on Koltseva Passage of Tomsk, damaged the hood of the car on the basis of personal hostile relations, inflicting at least one blow at the same time with two hands clenched into a fist. As a result of these actions, the victim suffered significant material damage, ”RT told the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Tomsk Region.

At the same time, parents argue that the version is based on the words of a witness to an accident on the driver’s side, while on the teenager’s side, not a single witness was questioned. The court in the criminal case against Danil was to be held on September 12, but the case was withdrawn by the UK.

A RT source in the Tomsk Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs claims that law enforcement did not want the case to go to court. The ministry emphasized that all parties to the conflict were repeatedly offered to make reconciliation, however, neither the teenager and his parents, nor the driver of the car who drove into the dog, refused to refuse mutual claims.

Proportionality of punishment

After the story was publicized, the Commissioner for Children's Rights in Russia, Anna Kuznetsova, became interested in it. She expressed indignation that the case against the child was brought to court? and promised to make every effort to stop the prosecution. Kuznetsova’s statement was published on the official website of the Ombudsman for Children.

“The approach to conflict resolution raises questions here. Given the possibility of considering such incidents in civil proceedings, the chosen format seems at least strange. In such cases, as practice shows, other solutions to the problem are possible that minimize the traumatic situation for the child, ”explained the children's ombudsman.

Kuznetsova urged to pay attention to whether the punishment threatening the teenager is proportionate to the act committed by him. She also recalled that the child was in severe shock when the car ran in front of the dog in front of his eyes - according to the children's ombudsman, the boy could be in a state of affect.

“The boy has a tragedy, and this is also a criminal prosecution. On one side of the scale is the hood of the car, on the other is the pain of losing your beloved animal and the threat of a large fine or imprisonment, ”said Anna Kuznetsova.

Chairman of the RF IC Alexander Bastrykin also instructed to understand the case of a 16-year-old teenager from Tomsk.

“Alexander Bastrykin instructed subordinates to carefully understand the situation, establish all the circumstances of the incident and check the arguments of the vehicle owner about the significance of the damage caused to him in the amount of 14 thousand rubles. The investigation has been put under control in the central office of the department, ”said Svetlana Petrenko, an official representative of the IC of Russia.

Source: russiart

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