The man was arrested on Sunday evening after arriving in Sweden via Skavsta Airport.

It was the customs staff who suspected the man. He was taken in for control and then it was discovered that he had swollen drugs.

"Have acknowledged"

How it is that the customs caught the eye of the man can not say the prosecutor.

"I can't explain how it came about that the customs took the suspicion, but they have done that and on questions he has acknowledged and then they have checked that it was correct," said assistant prosecutor Rahima Ortac.

Since Sunday evening, the 36-year-old has been in the arrest at Skavsta Airport. The prosecutor does not want to tell you how much or what type of drug it is, with reference to preliminary investigation confidentiality. But on Wednesday, Nyköping District Court arrested the man on probable cause for suspected drug trafficking.

Should be resold

- It is the amount of drugs that make it a serious crime.

According to the prosecutor, the man stated that he intended to introduce the drug to sell it further in Sweden.

Prosecution must be brought by September 25.