During the meeting with all parliamentary parties, except for the Sweden Democrats, the Prosecutor Petra Lundh and the National Police Chief Anders Thornberg stated what the judiciary needed to combat the serious violence in Sweden.

In a press release, Petra Lundh mentions several measures for more people to dare to testify about shootings: They want to increase witness protection, allow suspected criminals to receive lower penalties if they testify and investigate the possibility of having witnesses.

"We may also need to investigate the issue of anonymous witnesses," Lundh said in the press release.

Removed with a penalty for the authorities

Another measure proposed is to remove the penalty for people who are of legal age but not over the age of 21, and are convicted of serious crimes. At present, persons under 21 cannot be sentenced to life imprisonment. In the Youth Reduction Inquiry presented in December, in which Petra Lundh was a special investigator, it was proposed that the penalty discount should be completely abolished for ages 18-20. Then several heavy referral agencies said no.

Prosecutors and police also want the sentence to be tightened for people who are able to convince children and young people to commit serious crimes, according to the press release.

Want to read encrypted messages

Prosecutors and police also want access to more secret coercive means, such as secret data reading. Criminals often use encrypted apps such as Whatsapp or Signal, which the prosecutor describes as "a major problem that prevents us from moving forward in criminal investigations".

Finally, one should also want to investigate how authorities should be able to take more money and valuables from criminals.

- We need to look at all possibilities because in these environments it is often more noticeable to get rid of money and valuable things than to get a penalty, says Petra Lundh.