The four-year-old has grown up in a family home outside Skellefteå because her biological parents were very young when she was born. But last year, the biological father, who lives in Piteå, received custody of the girl.

In May this year, social services staff from Piteå municipality went to the emergency room at Norrland University Hospital to place her with her bilological father. The head of the emergency criticizes the social service's actions in a deviation report, this was the newspaper Norran first to report on.

Wanted a police officer to rip off the girl

According to the discrepancy report, the staff from the social service must have ordered a police to tear the girl from the foster parents, among other things - but the police should have refused to do so.

- This time it burst properly and the police were called to the emergency department, writes Ann Cahier, head of emergency services in Västerbotten, Ann Cahier, in the deviation report to the Social Services in Piteå.

According to the report, the health care staff experienced great discomfort when the social service staff did not identify themselves. It is described that the social services staff took over the premises, did not follow instructions and questioned the competence of the care staff.

They should also, in conversation with the staff, call the family home parents " mentally disturbed".

- The social service talked about patient to patient in a disrespectful way, writes the emergency manager.

Social manager: "A small child in a vulnerable situation"

In a e-mail to SVT, the social director of the municipality of Piteå replies that the matter is very unusual, both for the social service and for the staff at the emergency room.

- It is a matter that has aroused feelings because it is about a small child in a very vulnerable situation, writes Fredrik Sjömark, social manager Piteå municipality.

He also writes that there was a break in the information from the social service to the health care about what the case was about and what was the job of the social secretaries in place. Measures have also been taken to prevent similar incidents.

- It has also emerged that the health care staff experienced poor treatment by the social security secretaries. Although it has not been intentional, it is unfortunate and the social service regrets that it has become so, he writes.

Otherwise he does not want to comment on the matter and refers to the confidentiality.