• Ruby case: Imane Fadil died of marrow aplasia, excluding medical faults
  • Ruby case, Imane Fadil dead. Pm opens an investigation
  • Ruby Ter process. "The death of Imane Fadil harms Berlusconi's defense," says his lawyer


11 September 2019New coup in the story of Imane Fadil. "Pending the results of the report prepared by the prosecutor's family members do not intend to celebrate the funeral, in order to allow a further expertise on the body of their poor dear, as they do not consider themselves completely satisfied with the results leaked." The woman's family wrote it, one of the key witnesses to the Ruby case, who died on March 1st. The family is represented by the lawyer Mirko Mazzali.

The result of the appraisal that does not convince the family
Imane Fadil, one of the key witnesses of the trials on the Ruby case against Silvio Berlusconi, died from a bone marrow aplasia of which, however, the exact causes are still being investigated. This was what the prosecutors in Milan had said in recent days that they had authorized the burial. The investigation, from what has been known, goes towards archiving because in addition to the hypothesis of death for a malicious poisoning also medical responsibilities were excluded.

Be done "all possible checks"
As was explained, in fact, in the investigation opened for voluntary murder on the death of Fadil, who died last March 1 at the Humanitas in Rozzano after a long agony of over a month, were carried out in recent months by forensic doctors, appointed by the assistant prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano and by prosecutors Luca Gaglio and Antonia Pavan, "all possible investigations". The samples of tissues and organs collected were also cryopreserved, in case further analyzes are needed, and therefore today the Public Prosecutor's Office decided to sign the authorization to return the body of the Moroccan model to family members for the funeral.

Brother's anger
"We want a clear answer, we want to understand how it died, this is not an answer, it is not possible that in a short time it went away like this". With these words Tarek, brother of Imane Fadil, commented on the results of the investigations of forensic doctors. "With the authorization to burial - he added - we will have our funeral, I have to talk to my family again to understand how and where, whether here in Italy or in Morocco".