Prime Minister “Challenges to Reform the Constitution: I ’m sure I ’ll make it happen” September 11, 18:23

Prime Minister Abe held a press conference on the night of the 11th, following the start of the Fourth Abe Second Reform Cabinet, and expressed his determination to realize that the constitutional amendment was a long-cherished desire since the LDP party.

At the beginning, Prime Minister Abe said, “The era of eradication has begun, and we have prepared a lineup to advance the country of a new era. We will continue to challenge every policy in the 7th year. In this field, we will challenge bold reforms that are not confined to previous ideas. "

And Prime Minister Abe said about the amendment of the Constitution, “It is a long-cherished desire since the Liberal Democratic Party to the Constitutional Revolution that is pushing ahead with various challenges across domestic affairs and diplomacy, and pioneering a new Japan in the era of decree. All of them are difficult challenges, but we are determined to make sure they are achieved. "

He also mentioned that the LDP Secretary-General of the Second Floor and the Chairman of the Kishida Government Survey were reappointed, and that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Aso and the Secretary of the Secretary of the Secretary stayed there. “We will boldly challenge the creation of a new country in the age of peace with blue, a wide range of human resources, and a fresh and powerful breakthrough force.

Prime Minister Abe also set up the “All-Generation Social Security Review Conference” in the government to realize the all-generation social security system, and will hold the first meeting next week to secure employment opportunities and pensions until the age of 70. The idea of ​​boldly envisioning a new way of social security, such as expanding the options for the age at which to start receiving, was shown.