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By sacking his national security adviser John Bolton yesterday, the US president opened the door wide to talk about the motives and timing of the decision and calculations of profit and loss internally and externally, especially as it is the third dismissal of its kind after the dismissal of two others who have already served in his office, General Michael Flynn and General HR McMaster.

US reports have already pointed to wide disagreements between Trump and Bolton over the latter's adoption of tough positions on North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, the Taliban and the Afghan reconciliation file.

Trump has also expressed alarm at Bolton's hard-line stance. "He has a sharp stance," he said in a May 9 news briefing. "This is very strange."

Bolton was a staunch opponent of the nuclear deal with Iran and wrote an article in the New York Times two years ago, titled "To prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear bomb .. Bomb Iran"; .

Bolton knew he was the most hawk in the Trump administration (Reuters-Archive)

Following the resignation decision yesterday, expectations were raised in Washington as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steve Minocin signaled that a summit could be held in New York City.

"Bolton was very saddened not to hit Iran in response to the downing of the drone over the Gulf a few weeks ago," said one expert familiar with Bolton who worked with him at a Washington think tank. Of Trump's decision. "

"Trump is known to expect full support from his top aides and advisers in his decisions, and he doesn't like any objections.

He cited in an interview with Al Jazeera Net news of the invitation of Taliban leaders to attend a meeting with President Trump and then retreat in moments, saying that "doubled the anger of Bolton, who strongly opposed peace talks with the movement."

Netanyahu meets Bolton in Jerusalem (Getty Images)

Profit and loss
As for the winners and losers of Bolton's dismissal, the US expert said, "Iran's leaders may show some happiness to leave the most hawks inside the White House, perhaps North Korean leader Kim Joon Un."

He said the dismissal was bad news for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the hawkish camp in Washington who have been beating the drums of war against Iran for years.

Bolton is known for his close proximity to the forces of the American right and its Israeli counterpart. During his last visit to Israel in June, Bolton published pictures of him with Netanyahu during a tour of the Jordan Valley. Bolton pointed to "the strategic importance of Israeli security."

The Republican Party has a hard-line wing.This was reflected in the tweets of three senators following the impeachment: Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, and Tom Cottons, who advocate striking Iran and the Taliban and not tolerating North Korea; the three members praised Bolton's record and his positions on foreign policy issues.

"The Kurds may join the losers as a result of the departure of the national security adviser. Bolton worked hard to protect their interests in northern Syria and stood up against Turkish pressure on Washington to abandon them," he said.

He also pointed to oil prices, which have fallen slightly as expectations rise for a new deal between Tehran and Washington, allowing the return of Iranian crude exports to world markets. "This is a loss for oil and gas producers who took advantage of the additional sanctions imposed by the Trump administration on Iran after the withdrawal from the nuclear deal," he said.

Position and destiny
The position of national security adviser is one of the most important positions in the administration.

The National Security Adviser's office is adjacent to the president's office in the west wing of the White House, and the chancellor usually meets the president several times a day.

He established a 1953 law for the post and the president's national security team, and Robert Cutler was the first US national security adviser. Henry Kissinger, Zepino Berzinski, and Brent Scarkroft are among the most famous in American history.

It is not known what awaits Bolton, who worked before entering the White House researcher at the conservative American Enterprise Center, in addition to his work commentator on the "Fox News".